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To see what version of the app you are running, please look at the footer of the login screen to see the version number.

26/06/18 Version 2.05

Issues with packaging up lessons from the intervention tool have been fixed.

Issues with the report not appearing when using the marking tool have been fixed.

15/04/18 Version 2.01

New database behind the scenes.

Performance enhancement of PLC search facility.

Desktop option now provides PLC upload feature and bulk register editing tools.

07/01/18 Version 1.86

Nothing major. Just a few additions to the subject list.

We are aware that the PLC list is lagging when searching for a PLC element and are currently working on a fix. This will be fixed behind the scenes and will be implemented as soon as possible without the need for an additional update.

20/11/17 Version 1.85

Improved the metadata dot function.

Fixed an issue with the app crashing when viewing pdf reports or website material.

14/11/17 Version 1.83

New subjects added to the subject list.

You can now change your email address in the new Edit Profile button found in the banner.

You can now edit PLC statements without any danger of losing the assessment data.

05/10/17 Version 1.79

In this update we fix an issue relating to PLC elements containing certain characters preventing lessons from being found or PLC data from being correctly loaded.

We have introduced a button in the marking tool that enables the real time PLC data to be updated from the mini assessment.

26/09/17 Version 1.76

An warning is now shown when simultaneously trying to use 2 devices.

Fix for seat scale (when viewing seating plan 2 or 3).

Marking tool is coming to Maths (as part of a trial before rolling it out to all subjects). This version of the app includes some improvements to the marking tool.

To edit a phase of an intervention lesson that you have created, you can now do this from the intervention lesson builder (previous feature "My lesson phases" has now been removed/integrated into lesson builder).

The 'Real-time PLC' tool now has a register view. In the event that your seat scale is too small that you can no longer see names, the PLC can now be completed from a list of names but it still retains the colour coding feature on the seating plan.

29/08/17 Version 1.65

Improved PLC search response.

Seats can now be scaled to allow more seats per row or column.

Classnames can now be edited to aid with transitioning from one year to the next.

18/07/17 Version 1.63

Fixed an issue with setting up classes that would result in the keypad not displaying correctly (reproduced by not selecting a year group when adding a class to the system).

Fixed an issue with fine grading data not being saved once leaving the 'Real-time PLC' tool.

Introduced notifications of when access to particular resources is restricted due to membership type.

12/07/17 Version 1.61

Complete lesson PowerPoints can now be produced from within the app. The lesson phase activity builder has now been split into 3 sections: initial details, intro slide and main resources. Under step 3, users now have the ability of creating their own activities for red, amber and green students using the built-in tools (pen, compasses, etc).

Fixed an issue with fine grading data not being saved once leaving the 'Real-time PLC' tool.

04/07/17 Version 1.58

The 'Real-time PLC' data can now be exported as a csv file. The csv file has all historical data and www/ebi columns automatically populated from the data.

The "Add my subject" list is now a scroll bar list and shows all results rather than the top 4 from a search.

For students working below level 1, the fine grading tools can now be used independently of the grading options to indicate a +/=/- as to how far they are away from achieving a level 1.

Science has now been added to the subject list (for KS3 classes).

22/06/17 Version 1.57

The 'Real-time PLC' tool now includes white seats in the RAG cycle. The white seats indicate a student as being absent from the lesson.

The 'Real-time PLC' tool now includes buttons that will automatically colour all seats the same colour. These can be found in the footer of the tool.

Religious Studies has now been added to the subject list.

12/06/17 Version 1.56

Further improvements to the seating plan and real-time plc tool. When clicking on the rotation tool, the seat rotates 90 degrees just like in the previous version, however, now the seat orientates to the position of the viewer and it is the seat that moves round the table.

08/06/17 Version 1.52

Seating plans now snap to horizontal and vertical lines of seats when positioning seats.

Seats will also rotate 90 degrees if tapped/clicked on. For other angles, press on the rotation tool and roate to the desired angle.

The pdf containing all PLC data now includes individual student sheets.

A button to delete a PLC element and all corresponding data now appears next to the worm information (under 'Real-time PLC' and the intervention lesson tool).

PLC box enlarged to fit long PLC statements in.

02/06/17 Version 1.51

Resources can now be shared with colleagues within the same school before being later approved by PiXL for wider use.

01/06/17 Version 1.49

Every bug or niggle that you have or haven't told me about now fixed (hopefully!).

PLC and seating plan font size increased for smaller devices.

Increased the size of buttons and scroll bars to aid users with smaller screens.

Colours in the background have been inverted to make the content clearer (mobile/tablet devices only).

Fresh new look for the marking tool.

15/05/17 Version 1.45

Issue with keyboard covering input fields/text boxes fixed (Android devices only).

Welsh schools now have access to the A*-G key pad.

Issue with current grade and target grade no longing displaying on seating plan fixed (A*-G data only).

AGT button added to meta data options under "Class register".

Bug fixes relating to the addition of grades in the last update.

10/05/17 Version 1.44

Password reset option now available if you forget your password required for sensitive information.

HOW and WHY videos available on the support page.

06/05/17 Version 1.41

Added an SEN button to the Class Register screen.

Grades are now shown for POST 16 teachers.

Fine grading tool now available.

Fixed an issue when PLC data wasn't being removed along with a student that was deleted from the register.

Fixed an issue when deleting two classes in all versions of the app resulted in the faded background covering the password screen and the app needing to be refreshed.

19/12/16 Version 1.0

The app was created.

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